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Venta Care Centre: Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Process

How do I know if I am eligible to be admitted into Continuing Care?


Admission into a continuing care facility is based on the following:

• An assessment of need completed by a regional health authority nurse. If a decision is made that you require a continuing care facility, the regional staff will work with Central Placement Services to find the right facility for you.

• that you must have been a Resident of Canada for 10 years or more at the time of application for admission.

• that you must have lived in Alberta for one year immediately prior to applying or

• that you lived in Alberta for three consecutive years at any time during your lifetime.

+ More Info: Continuing Care

What is continuing care?


Continuing care facilities (also called long-term care, nursing homes and extended care facilities) provide their Residents accommodation with professional nursing care and personal services twenty-four hours a day. At Venta, additional programs such as Pastoral care, Rehabilitation Therapies, Food Services, Housekeeping and Recreation activities combine together to make a homelike environment for our Residents and families. Generally, Residents who live in a continuing care facility generally require more help with the basic daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, and toileting.


We have “Accreditation with Exemplary Status” with Accreditation Canada.

We have achieved AHS accommodation standards and recognition with workplace safety standards of Alberta.


Where and how do I make my monthly accommodation payments?


All Resident related financial transactions are conducted through the Business Office, including your monthly billing. Your monthly accommodation charges will be on a detailed statement available for pickup in the business office. The monthly statement will include the accommodation for the current month and any optional services used during the previous month. Payment is due between the first to the tenth day of the month. We accept cash and cheques.


Business Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

After Hours from 5:00pm - 6:00pm, payments can be made at:

Schedulers office located across from the Business Office.

What will I be paying for accommodation?


Venta Care Centre charges a Daily Room Rate as per the regional fee schedule. In the event the resident no longer resides at Venta due to permanent discharge, the days paid for in advance from the date of discharge will be calculated and refunded, less any outstanding charges on the account.


Private: 69.70

Semi-Private: 60.30

As of Oct 1, 2020


Any optional services such as hairdressing, massage therapy, money loan, telephone, personal laundry, etc. will be added in detail to your monthly invoice.


All rates are subject to change.


+ More Info: Continuing Care


Personal items must be removed with in 48 hours from the date of discharge. Items that remain in the room after 48 hours will be packed by Venta Care Centre for a fee of 150.00 and a storage fee of 10.00 per day will apply. Items will only be stored for five days. Items exceeding this time frame will be generously donated.

Accommodation Set-up

How much privacy will I have?

Venta Care Centre staff will do their best to respect the privacy of you and your home, while providing you with highest quality of care and services.

How often can my family and friends visit?

Family and friends are encouraged to visit as often as they like, however to allow for the morning and evening care of the Resident, it is suggested that visiting be done between 9:00am - 8:00pm.


Venta Care Centre is a secured building 24/7 for the safety of the residents,visitors and staff. In order to gain access to the building you must have a swipe card. For those who visit occasionally you can be bussed in. Please do not forget to sign in upon entry, this is a fire safety issue.


If you are not feeling well we ask that you delay your visit until you are feeling better.

May I bring my own furniture?

Yes, this is your home and we encourage you to make your room comfortable. Depending on the space allowed in the room and safety policies, certain items may not be allowed, please discuss this with a staff member.


Venta Care Centre supplies a bedside table and a dresser/wardrobe in each room. We encourage creating a home like environment, personal items are welcome. We ask that personal furnishing be kept to within reason for environmental concentration, cleaning and disinfection purposes and the safety of the resident and our staff.


We require that furniture have a surface that can be cleaned and disinfected by our house keeping staff as part of their routine house keeping duties.


For fabric type furnishings they must be heat treated by a certified disinfectant service professional that meets the heath and safety requirements of Infection Control Procedures Regulations for residential care facilities.


The disinfection process will help reduce the risk of molds, mildew or insects to care facilities and is part of Venta overall Infection Control Practice


All clothing items should be placed in a hot dryer for 30 - 40 minutes to kill any potential bedbugs and sealed in a plastic bag prior to bringing to the centre.


Please refer to the admission agreement for further information.


Any question can be directed to the Infection Control designate

Concerns and Resolutions

How do I address concerns that I may have about my health care or accommodation?

Please discuss your concerns with the Nurse on duty or RCM. If they are not able to resolve the concern/complaint, speak with the Director of Care. If you still have a concern speak to the Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Peter Birzgalis. If the concern cannot be resolved within the organization, the matter can be referred to an external agency such as:


Capital Health Community Care Health Link 1 (866) 408-5465

+ The Protection For Persons In Care 1 (888) 357-9339

+ The Health Facilities Review Committee (780) 427-4924

+ HFRC The Alberta Ombudsman (780) 427-2756


We have “Accreditation with Exemplary Status” with Accreditation Canada.

We have achieved AHS accommodation standards and recognition with workplace safety standards of Alberta.